Haddie, TD
Beautiful Haddie after her TD win! Owner: Benita Theleen.
Ellen & Kris Mack with Lola
Ellen Mack and Eaglehill’s Run Lola Run VCD2 UD BN GN GO RE MXB MJB XF T2B2 CAA BCAT CGCA

TD passed October 2017 in Waupaca WI.
Ellen Mack & Lola
Ellen Mack and Lola in action in Waupaca, WI.
Clover, TD
Clover enjoying the snow! Owners: Lynn & Thomas Crowell.
Krea, TD
Krea looking impatient to get tracking! Owners: Lynn & Thomas Crowell.
Kistryl Singular Sensation earning her TD title. From L to R Judge Wally O’Brien, tracklayer Penny DuBois, handler Beth Walker, “Diva, TD,” Judge Carla Wolter
Pictured are Judge Connie Austin, handler Beth Walker, and tracklayer. Kistryl Singular Sensation, TDX October 9, 2016
Penny Kurz and Glory
Penny Kurz and Glory running the VST test at Croix Valley in June 2018
Kistryl Touch of Swedish Glory as a 4-month –old puppy learning to track.
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